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"SCALNYX provides us with models and tools through a collaborative platform that optimizes our collective investment processes. The systematic and scientific approach to integrating ESG criteria allows us to make sound decisions, increase our performance and control our risks"
Quantitative portfolio manager
Leading Asset Management Group

« What If I had done ? What if xxx happened ? »

« What if I do…? What if xxx happen ? »

« What do I see ? What will happen ?»

Causal AI for complex data refinery

Transform your data into conclusive complex modelisation


Quick data cleansing

Check and improve quality of data with automatic AI based processes.

Work seamlessly with little Data

Build an understandable economic context from any number of data at your disposal

Data aggregation from multiple hybrid sources

Aggregate financial data (time-series, cross-sectional) and qualitative data


Open space for teams to converse, collaborate and use complex modeling


Causal AI for controlled complex modeling

Build smart models mapping your ideas

No Code AI intuitive platform

No extra IT skills needed. Friendly no code graphical user interface.

Factor selection and cause-effect adjustment

Review factors, identify spurious correlations and adjust your causal AI model with no limits.

Quantamental model building

Artificial intelligence to process convictions of your experts

Real-time AI model training

Ultra modern and scalable AI technology based on Bayes Nets

Causal AI for powerful scenarios

Fast, deep, productive analysis. 

Decision making

Rich ESG and asset management functionalities

Custom scoring, portfolio optimization, What if Scenarios, Back testing, stress testing, intuitive dashboards, reporting, etc.

Explained Conclusions

Explain your strategy, understand complex models and valuable insights explicitly in the Causal AI graphical model

Find out valuable signals from complex factors relationships

Alphas, Black-swans, strategies, etc.

Accountable results to regulators

Allow for higher-level ethical and causal reasoning

Frequently asked questions

Causal AI refers to the process by which one can establish a cause-effect relationship between the data: the purpose is to answer the “why” question to the AI model. Understanding causality is a key step forward complementing current AI methods.

NO. You can use it without impact on your software stack organisation and you can also integrate our generated Causal AI models in your stack with our API.

YES. With ESG Projector, you can create complex modelization in a few clicks. Our No code AI platform is well crafted by business experts to onboard any stakeholder with no technical skills.

NO. You just have to pay the subscription to use ESG Projector with no hidden costs.

This is a collaborative platform, whether you’re in the marketing, trading, asset management, risk management, IT, data science R&D, or analyst, you can use the platform and share your knowledge and insights with others through a single truth Causal AI model.